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Hello there! What's your screen name?

What's your actual name?


I see that you're obviously interested in 
Regular Show. How did you come into interest of Regular Show?
A friend of mine showed it to me a while back.

What do you think about Regular Show now?

They need less episodes about love.

What season is your favorite? Why?
Season 3, because Techmo first appears in that season and he is my green husband.

What season is your least favorite? Why?
I don't really know which one is my least favorite, I like all the seasons.

What is your most favorite episode? Why?
Exit 9B.

What are five of your favorite episodes?

Skips vs Technology, A Skips in Time, Skips' Story, Cool Cubed, and Dead at Eight.

What is your most disliked episode? Why?
I don't dislike any of the episodes. </3

What are five of your disliked episodes?
Look at the previous question's answer.

Who is your favorite character? Why?
I really like Techmo and Skips they're really cool and auuuu.

What is your favorite quote from Regular Show? Why?
"Hold my trail mix"-Rigby (Terror Tales of the Park IV)

The Regular Show Fandom thrives with fan art and fanfiction. Do you make fan art or fanfiction, or possibly both? If so, thumbnail me your best artist work or link us to your fanfic --to decorate this quiz with style!
A Butterfly! by cheese-flavored-pie Dude by cheese-flavored-pie 
What is your most favorite Regular Show fan art ever? (You should describe it instead of a thumbnail)
Regular Show by shaolinfeilong shhhh..

What is your most favorite Regular Show fanfic ever? (You should summarize it instead of a thumbnail)
I don't really read fanfics.

Have you made a RS Fan video? Link us video!

What is your favorite RS Fan video?
I don't watch a lot of fan videos.

Have you made a RS Fan animation? Link us your hard work!
No. ^^"

Have you made a RS Fan song? Link us your beautiful singing abilities!
No lmao I can't sing to save my life.

Which song reminds you most about RS?
I dunno man.

The Regular Show Fandom is pretty diverse. ¿Puedes lees español, verdad? Si asi, qué genial! ¿Eres un fan hispanohablante de Regular Show?
No hablo espanol.

Can you read English, right? If so, how great! Are you a English-speaking fan of Regular Show?
I speak english and french.

The Regular Show Fandom has fans which they enjoy RS in different ways. Do you prefer current seasons now, or the past ones; specifically Seasons 1 - 3?
Past ones.

Do you prefer the dA side of the fandom, or the tumblr side of the fandom? Why?
Both? Both.

Do you watch RS only for Rigleen?
I don't watch it for the shipping.

How would you feel about if Regular Show was only about Rigleen?
I probably wouldn't watch it.

Do you watch RS to laugh?
Hell yeah.

Favorite Regular Show villain?
It's a tie between Death and Snowballs.

Do you watch RS for bluejay's love life?

How would you feel about if Regular Show was only about Mordecai, Margaret, and CJ?
g o o d b y e.

Do you get frustrated when you watch certain episodes of Regular Show? Like which type?
Mr Maellard makes me so angry I want to punch him.

What fanon couple do you want to want to see become canon? And will your heart jump out of your chest and explode after you witness that episode that makes it canon?

How would you feel if RS decides to stop making that couple canon with another "Steak Me Amadeus" for the next episode?
I dunno.

How much do you like/love Regular Show? Have you watched all the episodes of RS?
I LO VE RS. I've seen almost all the episodes.

How long have you been a fan of Regular Show? What was the first episode you watched?
I don't even know how long I've been a fan lmao. The first episode I saw was House Rules. 

Have you cried while watching RS?

Have you died of laughter while watching RS?
Yes omg.

Have you happen to get all your friends together and watch a marathons or the newest episode of RS, like if it was a Super Bowl game?
No. </3

Do you watch RS by yourself? Or with friends or family? Or not at all anymore?
I usually watch it by myself but sometimes I watch it with a friend.

What was the last episode of Regular Show have you watched?
Gamers Never Say Die probably I can't remember.

How would you feel if the RS Board decided that their episodes should be:
Increased in duration from 11 minutes to 30 minutes
Increased writing quality hundred-fold
and Developed by more characters and story?

Would you cry if Regular Show ended tomorrow?
*catches on fire*

How anxious would you be if the last episode for Regular Show is next week, but is proceeded by another episode that will foreshadow the last episode?

How would you feel if the actual creator of Regular Show was Pendleton Ward, and Adventure Time's creator was J.G. Quintel?
What the fuck.

How would you feel if RS created an episode to center around the clerk from The Realm of Darthon? or about the soul that was trying to steal Rigby's body from Rigby's Body?

Last question! What makes Regular Show unique/relate-able to you?
A lot of the characters remind me of members of my family.

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