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Soda me, bro-to-me!
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I don't do free art for random people so if I don't know you and you want somethin' from me you gotta pay me lmao. :^)



cheese-flavored-pie has started a donation pool!
38 / 420
Commissions I guess. :^)
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60 :points: For a traditional drawing.
| | |

75 :points: For a digital sketch.
| | |
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I will NOT draw fetish art or sexual content, but I WILL draw partial nudity.

I will NOT draw hateful art. (art making fun of certain ships, etc.)
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Backgrounds are optional, just tell me whether or not you want one and I'll try my best, I need the practice anyways. Just please don't request something too complicated like a whole galaxy lmao.
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Please note me with what you want me to draw and provide a reference if it is one of your personal characters.
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Please pay me before I start on your drawing, if you can't afford to pay me straight away, then don't request a commission, simple as that.

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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hello, welcome to my page. My art style is really inconsistent but whatever. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
✿ Emi | He/Him |Gender Flags - Transgender / Transsexual by TwinkJinx|Sexual Orientations - Asexual by TwinkJinx| Romantic Orientations - Panromantic by TwinkJinx

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Canadian English language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Quebec French language level INTERMEDIATE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Mexican Spanish Language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Russian language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy
About You & Your Background
Do you know where you were conceived?::
How old were your parents when they had you?:: 
Were your parents married?:: Yeah lmao
What is the meaning of your name?::
Did your parents have any other names picked out?:: 
Do you share a birthday with anyone?:: 
Do you look more like your mom or dad?:: I look absolutely nothing like either of them imo
What is your heritage(s)?:: French and Dutch(?)
Can you speak any of those languages?:: Ya I can speak fluent french
Do you consider yourself “normal”?:: Everyone has a different definition of "normal" so one cannot truly ever be normal.
How do people usually spell your name?:: People always misspell my name as "Emmy"
Have you always lived where you live now?:: Nah
Do you wish you were taller, shorter, or the height you are?:: B I G
Do you have a religion?:: I'm agnostic
Were you raised as a certain religion?:: My parents are christians
Do you have any relatives of other races?:: Idk probably
Do you have any step-relatives?:: No
Do you have any pets?:: I got a dog
Do you go to school?:: Save me
Have you ever considered dropping out of school?:: Sometimes
Do you ever talk to yourself?:: Yeah, but only if it's to remind myself of something important.
If you were an animal, which would you be?:: A sloth
Do you have siblings?:: Two
How old are they?:: 24 and 27
Are any married / have kids?:: Nah
Where do you like to hang out?:: My room
Who do you hang out with the most?:: If we're talking irl probably UltimateStudios but online Detectivesonic
What do you like to do in your free time?:: Cry about cartoons

Relationships & Friends
Do you have a boyfriend / girlfriend?:: Yeah
What is their name?::  Seth
What is their age?:: 15
Where did you meet them?:: School
When did you start dating?:: Recently
Do you have any mutual friends?:: Yeah
How do your parents feel about him / her?:: Idk
How do your friends feel about him / her?:: Idk
How do YOU feel about him / her?:: He's a big nerd I love 'em
Do your friends have a lot of influence on who you date?:: No, I date who I want
How many exes do you have?:: Two
Are you friends with any of them?:: Yeh I'm friends with one of 'em
What was your longest relationship?::
Why did it end?:: 
Which friends can you tell almost anything to?:: Ray! <3
Do you have friends that you just can’t talk about certain things with?:: Who doesn't?
Are your friends virgins?:: Probably most of them
Do your friends drink or do drugs?:: A few
Would you say you have a lot of acquaintances or a few very close friends?:: A few very close friends
Do you consider your parents your friends?:: No
Do you have any furry friends?:: I am the furry friend

Drugs & Alcohol
Have you ever drank alcohol?:: In small amounts, yes
Have you drank to the point of being drunk?:: Nope
Have you / do you smoke cigarettes?:: Lmao no I ain't stupid
Have you done any inhalants? (Pot, cocaine, meth, other inhalants):: No, but I kinda wanna smoke weed to see how it feels.
Have you done any intravenous drugs? (Heroin, morphine, other opiates):: No
Have you / do you do drugs regularly?:: No
Have you drank more than 3 shots in a row?:: No
Do you feel that some drugs are more dangerous than others?:: Yeah man
Should any drugs be legal?:: Weed (even though it's technically sort of legal here already)
Why do you feel that way?:: Because it has medicinal purposes and it isn't a dangerous drug
Have you ever sold drugs?:: No 
Have you ever bought drugs?:: No
Ever watered down your parents’ alcohol so you could drink it?:: No
Are you straight edge?:: ?????
Are drugs more helpful or hurtful in your opinion?:: They can be helpful but it depends what it is
Did your parents used to drink or do drugs?:: My dad drinks and one time my mom unknowingly ate a pot brownie when she was 13
Does that affect your choice in doing / not doing them?:: Nah
Have you ever tripped on acid?:: No
Do you take prescription drugs when you don’t need them?:: No
Do you take OTC drugs when you don’t need them?:: No

Politics, Religion, & Philosophy
Do you have a political affiliation?:: No
Are you more liberal or conservative?:: This survey was very obviously created by an American bc I don't think that's a thing here
Does the government have too much power?:: Idk
Is America too intrusive in other countries?:: Probably
Is the Iraq War a war on terrorism?:: 
Do you support the troops?:: No
How would you feel if the draft was reinstated?::
Should ANY country be allowed to have WMD’s?::
How do you feel about biological warfare?:: 
Is war necessary to solve conflicts?:: Of course not
Have you / would you consider joining the military?:: I'd die in 2 seconds shit boy I'm weak
Do you think gay people should be allowed to join the military?:: Why not?
Should gay marriage be legal?:: Ofc
Are you pro-life or pro-choice?:: Pro-choice
If a woman is raped, should she be forced to have the child anyways?:: No
Should there be an age limit on birth control?:: No
Should schools give out condoms?:: Yes
Should creationism and evolution be taught side by side in schools?:: Idk
Should there be harsher laws for drunk drivers?:: Probably
Should all people have access to medical marijuana?:: Yes
Is there such a thing as “God-given” rights?:: 
Is marriage an outdated concept in today’s society?:: Idk
Is statutory rape really rape?:: 
Do you agree with age of consent laws?:: Yes
Do you believe there is a meaning to life?:: Idk sure whatever
Do you believe there is an after-life?:: Not really, I just believe once you die that's it.
Do you believe in karma?:: Sure
Do you believe in any forms of magic / witchcraft?:: Not really
What religion BEST fits your beliefs?:: None
Is the bible complete bullshit?:: Probably
Are some things simply unexplainable?:: Yes
Do you believe in the supernatural? (ghosts, etc.):: Not really
Should the drinking age be raised, lowered, or kept the same?: The same
Does the government have the right to intervene gangs and cults?:: If they're harmful
Should health care be universal?:: Yes
Could peace on Earth ever be achievable?:: I don't think it's achievable but it's a nice thought
Do you believe there is life on other planets?:: Yeh
Does astrology hold some truth to it or is it just nonsense?:: It's just for fun I guess
Can someone really be psychic?:: Nah I think they're all bullshitters

Have You Ever….
kissed on the first date?:: No
hallucinated?:: Yes
baked a cake?:: Yeah??
dated someone 5 or more years older than you?:: Nah
dated someone 5 or more years younger than you?:: Nope
seriously considered marriage?:: No
seriously been engaged?:: No
witnessed a crime?:: One time I saw some guys shoplifting
fallen asleep in a pool?:: No
found an error on a receipt?:: Yes
been on a cruise?:: No
been to Disneyworld or Disneyland?:: No
ate squid?:: No
played strip poker?:: No
sent someone a naughty photo?:: No
talked to a celebrity?:: Yes
lied about your age?:: Yes
been to a bar?:: No
been bought a drink?:: No
been recognized from online?:: No
failed a midterm or final exam?:: Probably
flirted with a teacher?:: Fucking gross??
wore your boyfriend / girlfriend’s clothing?:: I haven't but I would
talked your way out of something?:: Yeah

The Last Time You…
ate a snack?:: Idk
met someone new?:: Idk
talked on the phone?:: Yesterday
went to a store?:: Friday or Thursday?
went to school?:: Idk
kissed someone?:: I don't kiss
crossed a street?:: Idk
watched a movie?:: Few hours ago
ate a popsicle?:: Summer
went to the beach?:: It's been years omg please take me to a beach
went to a concert?:: Never
went for a walk?:: Idk
held someone’s hand?:: Idk
aced a test?:: Idk
updated your facebook status?:: Fuck faceboob
smoked a cigarette?:: Yuck
saw your boyfriend / girlfriend?:: I think it was the 29th of December?
went out to dinner?:: Idk
checked your email?:: Idk
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